Bartercard to roll out anti-Spyware login protector

Source: Bartercard

Bartercard - the world's largest trade exchange - have announced that they are about deploy the world's first online anti-Spyware login protector across Bartercard's Global network.

Bartercard members internationally will have the option to deploy the software free of charge in one simple click when accessing their account online.

The software, called EntryProtect, is downloaded then operates in the background protecting the user's computer for all the online banking they do. Latest studies have shown that very few desktop software solutions are able to identify and remove even 50% of current spyware threats. In contrast to traditional anti-spyware protection that relies on identifying malicious elements or software signatures, EntryProtect is the first security system to protect against all existing known online banking threats - including phishing, pharming, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks, and keylogging.

With 75,000 Bartercard members worldwide with the ability to login and access their account, Bartercard's eMarketplace and eAuction sites like any internet banking service, the effects are far-reaching for its members. Many use numerous business and personal online banking solutions, which will be fully protected on the computer they use for Bartercard transactions.

Wayne Sharpe, Bartercard Chairman commented: "What a lot of people do not realise is that spyware with such keylogging capabilities exist on around half of all PCs. Banks are aware of the threat to internet banking and are starting to act, but Bartercard is leading the way by deploying this security system, which is the future for the security of online banking."

As a result of this initiative, New Zealand based developer SentryBay is now in negotiations with several major Australian and US banks, who they hope will follow Bartercard's lead.

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