Sberbank to create human science and behaviour laboratory

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank actively develops the activities of its laboratories, which include: AI, robotics, VR and AR, and other laboratories.

Today Sberbank has decided to create a Neuroscience and Human Behaviour Laboratory, which will research neurophysiology, social psychology and cognitive science, and turn the results of its research into everyday practice at the companies of Sberbank Group.

The Scientific Director of the laboratory will be Andrey Kurpatov, President of the Higher School of Methodology, renowned scientist, author of more than a hundred scientific papers, and creator of a system of behavioural psychotherapy and thinking methodology.

Sberbank’s new laboratory will be based in two cities: Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank’s Executive Board:

“The primary objective of the laboratory is to make the communications and products of the Sberbank ecosystem completely relevant to people’s needs. We want to use the laboratory’s developments to form an emotional connection between everyone who comes into contact with the products of our ecosystem; we regard this connection as the basis of our competitiveness. Andrey Kurpatov possesses the competencies of a person from the worlds of both business and science, and has great experience of managing complex media projects and major research activities. We welcome him to the Sberbank team and are certain that we will be able to build a unique scientific laboratory that will generate significant practical impact for our business.”

Andrey Kurpatov, Scientific Director of Sberbank’s Neuroscience and Human Behaviour Laboratory:

“The human factor has never been as important as it is now - during the transition to a digital economy. The world is changing: management systems are becoming more complicated, yet people expect higher quality management and more personalised service. Big businesses are beginning to realise the need to integrate the very latest scientific knowledge about human behaviour into their activities. By creating the Neuroscience and Human Behaviour Laboratory, Sberbank is once again demonstrating its strategic leadership.”

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