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Assetz Capital co-founder Andrew Holgate sets up fintech advisory service

Source: Equitivo

Equitivo, Europe’s first full service fintech consultancy, launches today in London and Manchester.

With a full range of services dedicated to assist new and growing fintech organisations across all aspects of their business, Equitivo enters the market with a strong UK and European client base.

Founded by Andrew Holgate, the co-founder of one of Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lenders, Equitivo’s range of services has been developed to help ambitious fintech businesses navigate the challenges of the rapidly changing market landscape.

Equitivo will make use of Holgate’s 20 plus years of experience in banking and accountancy as well as establishing and growing fintech enterprises. He has also assembled a team of experts to provide a full advisory service for businesses at all stages of development and growth.

From emerging disruptor and challenger brands to established companies seeking to consolidate their position and grow their market share, Equitivo’s services will tackle three core areas: strategy, operations, and performance. Additionally, Equitivo will help platforms access required funding for continued growth.

The company has already secured substantial contracts with major UK and European fintech businesses, with further contracts to be announced in the coming months. It will operate from both London and Manchester.

Holgate is joined by a selection of high-profile advisory board members, including: the former investment banker Philip Toth, the trained psychotherapist and City veteran with 30-years’ experience Robert Dellner, and Jeff Jones, a qualified Insolvency Practitioner turned entrepreneur with a background in operational leadership at the highest level. Equitivo also has specialist advisors trained in all aspects of fintech consultancy.

Andrew Holgate, CEO and founder of Equitivo said, “During my twenty years in banking, accountancy and running fintech businesses, I’ve continually been surprised at the lack of specialist advice available to them.”

We are seeing a real expansion of fintech businesses in markets across Europe, especially in the Eastern European and Baltic States. Equitivo aims to help platforms break into these lucrative markets by providing expert consultancy across all aspects of their business. Using our board’s collective experience, we will also help these platforms avoid some of the mistakes made by the early incumbents of the industry.”

Funding is a perennial problem for many platforms. Whilst there is a vast amount of capital available finding the right partner can be tricky and some platforms don’t have the experience to navigate the many pitfalls of fund-raising.”

From short-term problem solving to long-term engagements, Equitivo will be the partner of choice for growing fintech businesses,” Holgate concludes.

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