International Securities Exchange launches historical market data service

Source: International Securities Exchange

The International Securities Exchange (NYSE: ISE) announced today the launch of a historical market data offering in response to member and investor requests for information and market data to help improve trading efficiency.

Historical tick market data is the most recent component of ISE's overall market information initiative which includes previously announced depth-of-book and sentiment market data offerings.

The initial product offering will include ISE tick data, trades and quotes, as well as comprehensive Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) tick data, delivered on a daily basis through a complete end-of-day file. Historical market data, not previously available as a complete, raw end-of-day data source, can be used for multiple functions, including back-testing of trading models, post-trade analysis, compliance, and time and sales queries.

Initially, the ISE will make two historic data offerings available. There will be an annual subscription to an end-of-day file and the ability to make ad-hoc requests for specific time periods. The end-of-day data will be available as a flat file accessible from an FTP server over the Internet. The ad-hoc requests will be processed and delivered on a portable hard-drive device which can be reused by the client. In an effort to make this data accessible and cost-effective, both offerings will be delivered as compressed files to reduce delivery bottlenecks.

David Krell, CEO, noted "This historical market data offering is in keeping with ISE's overall strategy to grow our Information and Market Data business, a key strategic initiative in 2006. This product, along with our recently announced enhanced ISE Sentiment Index (ISEE) data and options depth-of-market data offerings, delivers actionable market information to our clients to help them trade smarter."

ISE is leveraging its existing data platform to create this offering and anticipates future enhancements. These subscription offerings are expected to be available in early 2006, with pricing subject to SEC approval.

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