India's HDFC Bank licenses Interwoven Web content manager

Source: Interwoven

Interwoven, Inc. (IWOV), provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for business, today announced that HDFC Bank, one of India's leading private banks, has selected Interwoven's Web Content Management (WCM) solution and Content Distribution software to enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs, and streamline compliance processes related to its public- facing Web site.

With Interwoven, HDFC Bank will empower business users across the organization to directly manage content on the Web, without the assistance of IT, helping to ensure that customers receive the best possible experience through access to the most relevant, up-to-date, and brand-compliant content across the bank's Web site.

A world-class Indian financial services institution, HDFC Bank has been providing financial products and services to its customers since 1995. The bank's ongoing objective is to maintain its leading reputation as a provider of consistent, comprehensive, and accurate online information to both domestic and international customers, while also adhering to strict compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Previously, HDFC relied on its IT team to manually upload a rapidly growing amount of content to the Web. This process was time consuming, error-prone, and not robust enough to scale to the large volumes of content that continually needed to be uploaded. The process also did not allow for the bank to keep auditable copies of all Web content changes, making it extremely difficult and costly to maintain compliance. Furthermore, because of this time-consuming process, the marketing department was often forced to wait for long periods of time before new marketing content could be added to the site by IT. As a result, branding across the bank's various sites was often inconsistent and not reflective of rapidly-changing market trends and consumer demands.

"Marketing promotions could not be updated in a timely manner across our Web site, hindering time-to-market for new products, which often translated into revenue losses," said Ajay Kelkar, head of marketing, HDFC Bank. "Inconsistency in branding across the site meant that customers were not receiving the best possible experience on our site, and this needed to change quickly if we were going to continue strengthening our leadership position in the market."

To address these challenges and reduce the risk of providing customers with outdated and/or inaccurate information, HDFC Bank sought a solution that would enable them to automate Web content publishing and enhance search functionality with robust and integrated metadata technology. After evaluating multiple systems, HDFC Bank selected Interwoven because of its leadership in providing ECM solutions to the global financial services industry, as well as its proven solutions designed to help enterprises improve customer experience.

"Leveraging industry-leading technology to promote our brand and ensure we provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction is key to us," said C.N. Ram, head of Information Technology, HDFC Bank. "We needed a solution which would enable us to deploy and integrate our content across our Web site accurately, securely, and easily, and it quickly became clear that Interwoven was the only solution that could enable us to effectively meet all of our objectives."

With Interwoven, HDFC Bank will empower relevant business users across the organization to directly contribute, edit, and maintain content on the Web, without IT assistance. For example, business users within the marketing department will be able to rapidly contribute new marketing content to the Web site or edit existing content such as special promotions, product and service descriptions, general company branding information, and more. By empowering business users with direct content control, HDFC Bank will free its IT department to focus on other business-critical issues for which they are specialized to handle, improving overall operational efficiency.

Further, by leveraging Interwoven Content Distribution software, HDFC Bank will be able to ensure that all Web content updates are automatically deployed in a consistent and timely manner across its Web site. As a result, the IT department will no longer have to manually deploy each update, which is projected to help the bank substantially reduce IT costs.

"Having a competitive advantage and being able to react to a rapidly-changing business climate is extremely important within the financial services market," said Sunil Chavan, India country manager, Interwoven. "One of the most important keys to achieving this advantage over competitors is establishing deep relationships with your customers and maintaining these relationships through effective brand management and consistency. With the Interwoven solution, HDFC will be able to achieve a higher degree of customer intimacy, while simultaneously improving their overall operational effectiveness."

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