Aiera nails $3.5 million in funding

Source: Aiera

Aiera (pronounced “era”), an adaptive deep learning platform designed to enhance active fundamental investment strategies, announced today a $3.5 million seed funding round led by Boston-based Flybridge Capital Partners.

Using a proprietary neural interrogation tool and advanced linguistics, Aiera offers investment managers the ability to study, challenge, and direct an AI-based analyst in an individualized and privatized workflow.

The funding round included Macquarie Group, Innovation Endeavors, Fin Venture Capital, and WGI Group.

Aiera was founded by former Amazon Alexa engineering lead, Bryan Healey (CTO) and a former Internet equity research analyst, Ken Sena (CEO). They are joined by a team that brings experience from across software, data science, and traditional Wall Street investment analysis, at firms such as Apple, A2 Access, AllianceBernstein, Dealogic, Evercore ISI, Deutsche Bank, Lola, Tomahawk, and Wells Fargo Securities.

Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge, commented on the raise. “Ken, Bryan and team showcase how traditional fundamental investment and deep learning expertise can be brought together for the benefit of the active manager. In addition to offering actionable calls with a strong track record, the ability for Aiera to explain itself in natural language means that fundamental analysts can now interact with artificial intelligence and integrate it into their decision-making process in ways that have not been previously possible.”

“Aiera was inspired by our view that active managers should benefit from the deep learning techniques that are revolutionizing other industries,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Ken Sena. “While many funds are advanced in quantitative modeling, the application of true deep learning and natural language processing remains nascent, adds Co-Founder and CTO, Bryan Healey.

“Based on our conversations, I knew that we could build an experience that would tackle the individual workflow needs of investment managers and still be different for each one.”

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