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Carte Bancaire portal to fight fraud, reduce chargebacks

Source: Carte Bancaire

The CB Alerts portal, developed with Ethoca, allows ecommerce merchants to collaborate with card issuing banks in near-real-time to fight fraud, reduce chargebacks.

CB Alerts: Now Available
The CB Alerts portal provides e-merchants with an early warning of cardholder confirmed fraudulent transactions and creates a valuable window of time to prevent a fraudulent sale, stop the shipment of goods and/or interrupt the provision of services. E-merchants can therefore limit the risk of fraud and delinquency-related losses and reduce the number of complaints from otherwise defrauded customers.

CB Alerts: A win-win partnership for e-merchants and banks
E-merchants subscribing to the CB Alerts service receive notification of fraudulent transactions to as soon as cardholders report piracy, loss or theft of their payment card to their bank. E-merchants then may cancel the sales process and avoid the dissatisfaction of their customer. For large, high volume e-tailers, CB Alerts automates the notification process for greater operational efficiency.

The CB Alerts portal is highly secure, with a strong user authentication process, and complies with regulatory requirements for data protection (GDPR compliance and PCI DSS certification). "We launched CB Alerts as part of our desire to enrich the services provided to merchants and banks. Security is in the DNA of CB, along with the implementation of the PSD2, RTS and strong authentication this portal will help to fight ecommerce fraud." says Philippe Laulanie, CEO at Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB.

"Ethoca is honored to have been chosen to work with CB to help e-merchants and French banks reduce fraud and eliminate the need to raise chargebacks," said Trevor Clarke, EVP Business Development at Ethoca. "Merchants are now able to take immediate action in cases of confirmed fraud and are free to focus on growing their business and offering their customers exceptional experiences."

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