Invstr launches Fantasy Finance game

Source: Invstr

Invstr, the investing app, is launching a new Fantasy Finance investment game, offering an exciting challenge to the world of fantasy sports.

Invstr’s Fantasy Finance combines the strategy, guile, and excitement of fantasy sports with the buzz of the market. Just as fantasy football fans can build a team and guide them to victory, Fantasy Finance players can pick stocks, grow their fantasy investment portfolio, climb the leaderboard, and claim prizes.

Invstr users will now be able to pit their wits against other investors in the Invstr Fantasy League and compete for prizes, which include cash vouchers to trade for real on Invstr’s integrated brokerage platform. Players can also create their own private leagues for their friends, investment clubs, school, university or work colleagues.

The game, available to both free and premium users of the Invstr app, rewards players as they progress. When they hit key performance and engagement milestones, they will gain points and badges, and unlock extra features, with more rewards in the pipeline.

The new format will encourage players to sharpen their investment skills and beat their friends to the top of the Invstr league table. And while fantasy sport is played for fun, Fantasy Finance is more than a game. It nurtures and develops the player’s understanding of the financial markets via enjoyable, intuitive, and strategic gameplay.

Kerim Derhalli, founder and CEO of Invstr: “Fantasy sports is a hugely popular blend of social interaction and competition and we’re tapping straight into that appeal. By playing Fantasy Finance, players learn the key principles of investing, including the importance of diversification and maintaining a balanced approach to portfolio management.

“Our aim is to open up finance to people who may never have considered investing as an option before, and give them the tools to test their skills in a risk-free environment. Ultimately we want our users to be prepared for the transition to a real investment portfolio.”

Players create and manage a fantasy $1m portfolio and must make the right market moves to get the best out of their investments. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest returns and claim the top monthly prizes.

And for more experienced investors, the game provides ample opportunity to experiment with global stocks, commodities and 23 cryptocurrencies; all at their disposal to create unique portfolios in a risk-free setting.

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