Curve exceeds 300,000 customers in 10 months

Source: Curve

Curve, the fintech startup that lets you combine your various debit and credit cards into a card and a smart app - today announced that almost a third of a million customers are signed-up to its service.

More than 100,000 shoppers currently enjoy the convenience of carrying just one single Curve card, leaving all their other bank and credit cards at home and selecting the one they want to pay with through the Curve app. The average user spends £1,500 a month on their Curve card, which is 97 per cent of the UK average for card spend.

Word-of-mouth accounts for 80 per cent of the company’s growth. Aided by referrals from its customer community, Curve’s user base has soared by 40 percent each month since the end of its first Beta programme in February 2018, and more than 65 percent of new adopters stick with the service indefinitely.

Curve is available in 27 European Economic Area countries, with plans underway to open offices imminently in six European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The London-based fintech company is foreseeing an expansion into the United States planned by the end of 2019.

Curve’s unique ‘All Your Cards in One’ technology means customers can load all their cards onto the app and spend through one Curve Mastercard, reducing wallet clutter and eliminating contactless card clash. Instead of carrying lots of cards around during the Christmas shopping frenzy, shoppers can carry just one - the Curve card.

Curve brings its users many additional benefits - saving up to 5 per cent abroad on currency exchange fees, receiving instant notifications on all their spend, seeing all of their spend with all their cards in one handy place, and military-grade security at the end of their fingertips.

The experience with Curve also has a touch of magic: If a customer changes their mind about which card they want to pay with after making a purchase, Curve offers the patent-pending option to Go Back in Time and retroactively swap that payment onto another card via the app. Plus, with no currency conversion fees, Curve saves its customers up to 5 per cent when using the card abroad, automatically converting transactions in foreign currency at the market exchange rate.

Curve founder and CEO, Shachar Bialick, said: “Curve is built to benefit its community and we're delighted that this now includes well over a quarter of a million people across the UK and Europe. We're on a mission to simplify the world of money in a way that's never been done before and to ensure everyone can choose the financial services they want, when they want them, and have the power to change those choices whenever they want to.

"For our customers, Curve means one less headache this Christmas. With all your cards in one, combined with our host of advanced features, your shopping experience across all your cards and accounts isn't just made easier, it's supercharged with features and services that can only be found in challenger banks, without requiring the user to change their banks or displace their monies.”

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