Wolters Kluwer and CRMnext form strategic partnership

Source: Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions business has formed a strategic partnership with CRMNEXT in the U.S. to enhance deposit product innovation and functionality using Wolters Kluwer’s Expere Deposit solution.

The arrangement empowers banks and credit unions to deliver innovative and profitable omnichannel customer interactions, the companies say.

According to a joint statement this partnership “enables regional banks and credit unions to streamline the creation of compliant banking documents and services for customers, helping them transform their branch and digital banking experiences into a growth driver.”

The idea is to provide a true in-branch, online, omnichannel solution that allows banks and credit unions to roll out new products faster and more conveniently. “When used in conjunction with CRMNEXT’s work simplification and automation capabilities, Expere centralizes the management of compliance content, providing the tools financial institutions need to implement changes seamlessly,” Wolters Kluwer added in the statement.

“The integrated Wolters Kluwer Expere/CRMNEXT solution enables omnichannel customer interactions from a single, unified platform. This partnership is another example of our commitment to providing clients with the solutions they need to work more efficiently and effectively. Expere, serving as the compliance content engine, streamlines customer and member onboarding, in any channel,” said Samir Agarwal, Vice President, Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance Banking Solutions. “Together, we can ensure that banks and credit unions have flexibility in navigating both the regulatory and competitive markets in the originations process.”

Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions business, part of the company’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) division, is a market leader and trusted provider of regulatory compliance solutions and services to more than 2,000 U.S. banks and credit unions. The business helps these financial institutions efficiently manage compliance obligations tied to loan and deposit origination transactions and workflows, and gain the insights needed to focus on better serving their customers and growing their business.

“Growth is imperative for both community banks and credit unions, and that is challenging in an increasingly competitive banking market. Work simplification and automation are required to power this growth, along with the convenience and service that customers expect without hiring additional staff in today’s increasingly tight labor market,” added Joe Salesky, CEO at CRMNEXT. “By leveraging the unique strengths of CRMNEXT, coupled with the recognized power of Expere’s capabilities, we are now offering a best-in-class solution that can address the evolving needs of our clients.”

CRMNEXT is a leading global CRM solution provider in financial services. The company provides work simplification, robotic automation, immediate results and greater empowerment for both team members and customers, eliminating the artificial barriers between human and digital channels.

It’s been a busy few months for Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions. In October it launched Vanceo™ Mortgage, an easy-to-use loan processing system that creates highly intelligent and compliant, end-to-end loan origination workflows. The solution is designed to assign role-based tasks and enhance visibility for an institution’s mortgage lending operations and compliance management.

Vanceo Mortgage is unique to the market in that it takes a user-centric approach to compliance by providing lenders with intuitive dashboards and intelligence that help narrow in on critical action items. The advanced functionality allows financial institutions to address potential issues earlier, faster, and strengthen customer relationships. The result is streamlined, efficient and highly intuitive compliance management for both lenders and consumers.

Additionally, Vanceo Mortgage eliminates the need for tracking in multiple systems the status and information on any transaction through its ability to create both systematic and manual process checkpoints.

Paul Lyon, Director of Global Corporate Communications, Banking & Regulatory Compliance, for Wolters Kluwer GRC, says Vanceo Mortgage addresses four major needs in the industry, pointing out that it “allows for role-based access, providing transaction and task information as well as actions through an at-a-glance dashboard personalized for the user and prioritized by urgency.” It also provides transaction details, “allowing for easy navigation to loan-level details and providing detailed notes for any transaction in progress.” Vanceo Mortgage also “enables users to readily view and focus in on highest-priority tasks and actions required to keep the transaction pipeline and portfolio moving forward.” Finally, according to Lyon, “the solution allows for a central record for loans, featuring one centralized database with easy access to address inquiries on any loan in either an open or closed state.”

Also in October, Wolters Kluwer announced that Oconee Federal Savings and Loan has selected its ComplianceOne® solution to help streamline its current lending processes, positioning the bank for further growth. ComplianceOne is an origination and workflow solution that makes managing compliance with loan and deposit transactions faster and more efficient, connecting the major areas of a lender’s business operations to its core processor through one, simplified user

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