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Stackr launches AI-powered savings tool

Source: Stackr

Stackr, the complete global long-term savings solution, introduces a personalized trust structure that allows investors to hold both capital and digital assets.

The intersection of traditional finance and modern-day financial technology has enabled the Stackr Group to pioneer a secure and flexible savings solution in a regulated environment.

Many savings solutions today are facilitated by traditional financial institutions, which pose limitations, from outdated technology and high fees to investment choices that don’t address investors’ biggest concern – the risk of losing money. With Stackr, saving for the future or for “retirement” is more efficient and streamlined by cutting out the middleman and combining traditional finance principles with modern day financial technology to give investors a secure and flexible long-term savings solution.

Stackr users can benefit from a range of innovative capital and digital asset choices that have varying risk profiles, which are designed with capital loss mitigation at their core to help users make better investment decisions and reduce the risk of losing money. Each of the choices has a maximum capital loss level objective.

  • The capital market choices invest in global capital markets for growth (via ETFs) with a risk management overlay driven by Machine Learning (ML). The ML algorithm predicts the future market prices for ETFs and determines ideal asset allocation (effective exposure). This means that the overlay determines the fund’s exposure to the market and dynamically adjusts, increasing exposure to the market if it anticipates a rising market and decreasing if the market is going to fall.
  • The digital asset choices autonomously track an optimal index of the top 10 crypto assets by market capitalization and will move portions of the fund into cash (or cash equivalent) depending on levels and velocity of market stress, thus decreasing exposure to the index.

Stackr’s personal trust account, the Stackr Trust Account, allows for the nomination of beneficiaries and facilitate smooth intergenerational transfer on a cost-efficient basis. Consolidated administration and third-party custody keep assets safe, while a web portal enables ease of use and flexibility. Stackr Trust Account holders’ assets can be kept in one or a combination of investment choices, as well as Stackr’s holding currencies (BTC, ETH, EOS, USD & STKR). Account holders can easily switch holdings in any one investment choice, which will be executed and reported online within 24 hours.

Additionally, Stackr eliminates the unnecessary fees typically charged by traditional institutions and financial advisors, lowering investor expenses, and freeing up capital that can compound over time and help investors reach their long-term savings goals faster.

“We’re excited to fuse traditional investing principles with the latest financial technology to create an innovative and convenient investment solution for anyone who’s looking to save for the future,” said Cobus Kruger, CEO and Founding Partner of Stackr. “Our intelligent investing machine learning technology supplies individuals with the opportunity to reach their long-term saving goals with a more consistent and secure investment process.” 

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