Sberbank and South Korea’s Hyosung TNS Inc. to create next generation ATM especially for Russia

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank and South Korean corporation Hyosung TNS Inc. have founded a Russian research and development centre on the basis of a Sberbank laboratory.

Its goal is to integrate research activities and develop solutions for optimal ATM functioning.

South Korean engineers will work alongside Sberbank specialists at the centre. The centre’s employees will test out new services and functions, simulate errors and find ways of addressing them, and verify algorithms and system (hardware and software) interaction.

Key tasks of the R&D centre:

Pairing global practices and Russian specifics.
Studying client feedback and analysing the reasons behind these issues.
Developing devices using new technology.

The Recycling ATM has been selected as the base model for further development. These devices are more user-friendly as they allow clients to work with large volumes of cash, offer a simplified service process, and save time.

Danil Shishnyov, Executive Director of Sberbank’s Sales Network Block:

“Sberbank has the largest ATM fleet in Russia. But at the same time, there is a stable and growing trend of depositing cash, and this clearly points to our clients actively switching to online banking. Our network must offer clients the most user-friendly service possible. This is why we have decided to adapt the new recirculating devices to meet Russian demand.”

The bank plans to enhance its self-service devices to ensure that they meet client needs going forward. Hyosung TNS Inc. has been selected as the partner in this endeavour as it has extensive research and innovation experience in different countries (US, Indonesia) and possesses South Korea’s largest innovation lab.

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