Validis launches DataShare for SMB lending

Source: Validis

Validis, a pioneer of financial data sharing and standardization technology, has launched its DataShare product line, which features a suite of APIs (DataShare APIs) and an online portal to view the data (DataShare View).

DataShare provides financial institutions with fast, easy access to a SMB client’s financial data, direct from their accounting application, in a standardized format.

SMB borrowers benefit from quicker decisions and automation of the collection and transfer of their financial data to the lender. Likewise, lenders benefit from access to the borrower’s accurate, complete and current financial data, which provides greater insights, speeds decisioning and minimizes risk.

Validis connects to over 80 percent of online and offline accounting applications used by the SMB market and extracts the full transactional history. The data is encrypted, interrogated for accuracy and standardized. No client configuration or data preparation is required for either the lender or the borrower. Borrowers’ complete financials are delivered into the lender’s credit system within minutes.

With DataShare APIs, lenders can receive the extracted data in the format they prefer. DataShare View, Validis’ intuitive online portal, allows lenders to easily analyze a standardized view of their customers’ uploaded financials. Additional features include: upload scheduling tool, administrative control, data configuration, white labeling and the ability to download the data into Excel to drill down through multiple months, quarters or years.

“Validis’ DataShare products are changing how lenders speak with their clients. DataShare allows lenders to gain a comprehensive view of a SMB borrower’s financial health and become a true partner to their customers,” said Joel Curry, CEO of Validis. “With our DataShare products, financial institutions can benefit from fast and easy access to clients’ financial data in a standardized format, allowing greater control and increased productivity during the SMB lending process.”  

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