Lattice80 to run fintech blockchain accelerator in Hong Kong

Source: Lattice80

LATTICE80 announces the launch of a SDG Blockchain Accelerator at the Hong Kong FinTech Week.

Accelerator will focus specifically on blockchain startups building FinTech solutions that are in synch with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 17 SDGs defined by the UN are an urgent call for action by all countries to collectively work towards ending poverty and other deprivations. The global partnership must improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth while also tackling climate change.

LATTICE80 is the world’s largest FinTech Hub, and with the Impact Blockchain initiative is committed to utilise blockchain technology for developing solutions that have a positive social impact.

LATTICE80 launched a FinTech Hub in Hong Kong last week to serve as a node for the FinTech Belt and Road. The Hub is situated around the Science Park and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), with the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen in China just minutes away.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, shares more insight:

“Our focus is on the unbanked and underserved markets. There are 2 billion people that remain unbanked in the world, and one third of the population is underbanked even in a developed country like US. We believe Blockchain is the key technology to build next generation financial services and a great solution to help bring financial inclusion.

Hong Kong is the perfect location to build the FinTech Belt and Road, which covers markets with the most potential. We also believe emerging markets will bring reverse innovation to solve their own problems and build the next generation financial services in the traditional markets. AliPay & WeChat in China and M-Pesa in Kenya are best examples.”

LATTICE80 Hong Kong is already receiving applications and will host the first batch in 2019.

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