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Best Innovation Group first to deploy Geezeo PFM SDK

Source: Geezeo

Geezeo, a leader in Fintech and data-driven solutions for financial institutions, has recently launched its Conversation Software Development Kit (SDK).

Concurrently, Best Innovation Group (BIG), a technology innovation and development company, will leverage the Geezeo conversational SDK to expand their Financial Innovation Voice Experience (FIVE) voice banking platform with PFM capabilities.

Today, 70% of U.S. bank customers bank via mobile devices with only 43% frequenting bank branches at least once a month. Banking is quickly moving away from brick and mortar and toward digital channels. With widespread connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), this digitalization is already transforming traditional banking channels.

“Consumers are growing increasingly familiar with the fast, easy access virtual assistants provide on digital channels and the expectation for natural conversational experiences on voice channels is growing,” said Geezeo’s Aaron Junod, VP of Product Development. “Asking Google Home or Amazon Alexa for the weather forecast or to set an alarm is one thing, but it's a whole new advantage when these voice assistants’ can be used to monitor consumer spending.”

Whether it’s monitoring how much one spends on coffee monthly or setting savings targets, accessing personalized financial information via voice creates another way for financial institutions to remain relevant as Fintech enhances consumers relationships with their finances.

“Increasingly, users find voice a faster, more accurate interface,” said John Best, CEO of Best Innovation Group (BIG). “Voice interaction can now take place at home, on mobile devices and even in the car. Credit unions want to serve their members whenever and wherever they’re needed. We want to assist credit unions in communicating with their members using voice interaction. Voice technologies create new opportunities for credit unions to provide services and increase engagement with their members.”

“Digital banking is evolving rapidly and is much more than account balances,” observed Junod. “For the average consumer, It’s about juggling bills, planning, investing, saving and monitoring spending.”

Access to financial accounts is a sensitive area and only a handful of skills have been certified for these tasks. BIG is among a select group of companies to create an extensible skill specifically for financial institutions, which enables Amazon Alexa access for their clients. Geezeo and BIG’s collaboration will allow account holders to ask questions not just about their balances but also their financial goals and spending habits, transforming them into powerful, actionable insights.

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