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Emailage rolls out RapidRisk Score for lightning fast fraud detection

Source: Emailage

Emailage, the global leader in online fraud prevention and email risk assessment, has launched its cutting-edge RapidRisk Score fraud detection solution, purpose-built to create lightning-fast risk analysis for payment processors, card issuers and merchants on every transaction.

Powered by advances in artificial intelligence, and aided by Emailage’s global intelligence network, RapidRisk Score defines a new benchmark in fraud prevention, offering response times for fraud risk assessment as low as 30 milliseconds - 20x times faster than standard alternatives.

Additionally, RapidRisk Score was built to scale, meaning it can handle hundreds of transactions per second and has already been adopted by three global payment processing platforms.

RapidRisk Score is the latest advance from Emailage, using the company’s unique automated email risk assessment products to help merchants identify online fraud in real time without additional friction. This minimizes delays in the transaction process for genuine customers, so they can complete their purchases straight away.

CEO of Emailage, Rei Carvalho explained: “As a company, we saw the need to focus on transaction risk analysis, which due to SLAs requires precision and speed. As global regulations - like GDPR and PSD2 in Europe - bring further questions about data segregation and shifts in liability, our ongoing dialogue with customers has revealed a need in the market for more accurate, reliable and, above all, faster fraud risk assessment tools to be made available.”

RapidRisk Score was developed to meet these needs, said Carvalho, “By leveraging internal signals from a global, cross-industry and sector consortium database, RapidRisk Score can verify and provide an accurate transaction risk analysis in an average of 30 milliseconds - a new industry benchmark which we’re extremely proud to offer our customers. What’s more, it’s an extremely easy solution to integrate into existing fraud prevention systems and risk engines - which can be done in a matter of minutes.”

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