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CSI integrates with Segmint on customer insights

Source: CSI

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, has partnered with Segmint, a leading provider of data-driven solutions, to give financial institutions access to robust customer analytics that allow them to personalize customer experiences.

Segmint’s data analytics and segmentation tools integrate into CSI’s products, providing a holistic view of the customer. This data is then used to deliver enhanced, targeted services to customers and prospects. Through the integration, CSI creates a seamless process that allows financial institutions to gain actionable insight into the lifestyle and financial activity of every customer, including products outside the bank via ACH and bill pay transactions. Ultimately, this integration empowers banks to identify and easily act on ways in which they can better serve their customers.

“For financial institutions to remain competitive, they must have the ability to see which services their customers use most and how they prefer to interact with their bank,” said Steve Powless, chairman and CEO of CSI. “We’re excited to join forces with Segmint to provide our core banking customers with solutions that allow them to personalize customer interactions, so they can better understand and perfect individual experiences.”

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicator® (KLI®) technology, which CSI is integrating into its solutions, provides a standardized, normalized and actionable view of a financial institution’s data. KLIs are powerful customer insights that transform cryptic data into thousands of simple, descriptive data tags. Financial institutions can use KLIs to inform and deploy hundreds of data-driven initiatives around personalization, cross-sell/upsell, product utilization, customer onboarding, competitive intelligence and more. Segmint’s KLIs integrate with and enhance other technology investments like automated marketing, CRM, loyalty, business intelligence and others.

“Through our partnership, community banks and credit unions on the CSI core will gain advanced transaction analytic and automated marketing capabilities,” said Rob Heiser, president and CEO of Segmint. “We are thrilled to partner with CSI, an organization with a shared goal and commitment of helping financial institutions better serve customers through innovative and automated technologies.”

CSI’s core banking platforms provide financial institutions with such robust solutions as digital banking, treasury management and regulatory compliance. The addition of Segmint’s tools will expand bankers’ access to integrated data analytics tools that strengthen their ability to deliver a modern customer experience.

“The Segmint platform allows us to better analyze customer profiles to provide them products and services that could help them financially,” said Sarah Phalen, president and CEO at Illinois National Bank (INB), a $940M institution headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. “While we’ve always had lifestyle indicators about the people who bank with us, now it’s easy to use the data and provide customers with information relevant to the activities they take part in and products they need to achieve their goals. Now, we have the tools to use data we couldn’t easily get to in the past and provide each customer and prospect with a unique experience.” 

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