Sberbank turns business banking websites into social media feed

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank has presented a new working regime of its internet bank for business. It is called Payment Schedule and allows user to switch the interface of Sberbank Business Online to event feed format.

By pushing a button, the user can switch the internet bank to a format that is familiar to them as it looks like the majority of popular social networks - an event feed. The screen displays dates and the main related events in the corporate internet banking: payroll, budget payments, and payments to partners and clients. By pushing the relevant button, the user can ask for statement or schedule a payment.

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Anatoly Popov:

“The updated Sberbank Business Online can be called a trendsetter in terms of design and user experience on the Russian corporate internet banking market. Our internet bank has already received several leading national and international awards for design and client experience achievements. The new function of Sberbank Business Online, Payment Schedule, is the next step towards clients. It makes using the main functions of the internet bank as easy as possible and working with Sberbank Business Online convenient, accessible and comprehensible - even to newcomer businesspeople or accountants, despite their professional background.”

The option is available to the majority of Sberbank Business Online clients. It can be set up independently by writing an email to which specifies your company’s taxpayer ID number and has the subject ‘Payment Schedule’.

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