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Worldnet adds GooglePay support

Source: Worldnet

Worldnet, a provider of the leading cloud management platform for omni-channel payments, has completed GooglePay certification to enable payment service providers (PSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs) the capability to accept payments from any device using the GooglePay platform.

Offering GooglePay support provides added layers of security in transactions for both retailers and end users while also providing a quick and easy payment experience. With GooglePay, Worldnet customers are equipped to take transactions via the Chrome browser, or in-app on Android devices.

“GooglePay provides consumers with one platform that supports payments in apps, online, directly to other consumers and in stores,” said John Clarke, Head of Product Innovation at Worldnet. “Through our certification for GooglePay, we enable our customers to not only process mobile-based payments via customers’ Android devices, but also provide a seamless and cost-effective route to accept those payments across all channels in a secure environment.”

By working with Worldnet, PSPs and ISOs can ensure that their solutions are compliant with GooglePay standards.

In addition to the certification for GooglePay, Worldnet provides a comprehensive omni-channel Payments as a Service platform that supports both Card Present EMV® and Card Not Present transactions. The service supports traditional Point of Sale systems, as well as iOS and Android operating systems for mobile and online-based merchants. The company has also completed certification for Apple Pay on the Web. 

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