CBOT to connect four to Singapore hub

Source: CBOT

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) (NYSE: BOT) announced today that four firms are set to be connected to the Exchange's new Singapore telecommunications hub.

The four firms include ABN AMRO, Man Financial, Saxon Financials, and UOBF Schneider.

The CBOT Singapore hub is an efficient, cost-effective method for allowing CBOT customers in the Pan-Asian region to directly connect to the Exchange to access the entire product suite 22 hours per day. In addition, the hub provides the infrastructure for the connectivity of the Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange (JADE), a new all electronic exchange currently being developed in partnership between the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the CBOT.

CBOT Executive Vice President of Business Development Christopher Malo said, "We are thrilled that four leading global firms, Man Financial, ABN AMRO, UOBF Schneider and Saxon Financials have agreed to expand their connection to include our new Singapore hub for the purpose of trading CBOT products. These firms will be able to tap into the CBOT's highly liquid markets with greater speed and efficiency. Connecting four firms to the Exchange's hub in Singapore is the latest step in our overall business strategy to expand our reach in the Pan-Asian region. Other recent actions include moving to a 22-hour electronic trading day and entering into a new joint venture with the Singapore Exchange to launch JADE."

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