IdentityMind ports digital ID platform to Oracle Cloud

Source: IdentityMind

IdentityMind Global™, Digital Identities You Can Trust, today announced that it has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host its award-winning Version 2.0, SaaS-based, trusted digital identities platform for compliance, risk management and fraud prevention.

The IdentityMind Version 2.0 platform, released just this fall, represents years of research in digital identities, machine learning for know your customer (KYC) and overall anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, anomaly detection, regulatory compliance, and product development. It enables clients’ compliance, risk and fraud analysts to take a risk-based approach based on the understanding of the user behind the transaction.

“We migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure so that we could support our growth demands and meet clients’ requirements for an enterprise-grade solution that delivers on the requirements for high availability, scalability and performance,” said Kieran Sherlock, Chief Technology Officer, IdentityMind. "Oracle’s high performance and elastic scaling helps enable us to quickly and cost effectively expand our transaction processing capabilities as we continue to add new clients, features, and services.”

“Our core architecture supports infinite scaling,” continued Sherlock. “It was important that the advanced analytics the system applies can continue to perform in real-time, as we continue to add enterprise clients around the world and millions of daily transactions.”

IdentityMind also chose Oracle, in part, because of its ability to help secure all phases of the cloud migration process. Oracle addressed this need with Oracle Dyn Web Application Security, a fully managed, cloud-based security suite that lets customers secure critical infrastructure before, during, and after the transition of services from their data centers to the cloud. Oracle Dyn Wall Application Security includes next-generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Protection among other components designed to ensure the security of internet and cloud-facing applications.

“One of the key strengths and key differentiators of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lies in its unique ability to secure and help ease all phases of the cloud migration process,” said Kyle York, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “With Oracle Dyn Web Application Security, customers can peacefully lift and shift their existing applications and security posture to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure whenever they’re ready. Our best-of-breed edge security solutions let customers maintain strong security no matter where IT systems are running.”

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