AscendantFX connects with Fiserv

Source: AscendantFX

AscendantFX, a leading technology-based payment provider, is facilitating the smooth processing and precise execution of international payments enhanced by a new integration with Fiserv.

The integration into the WireXchange wire transfer solution from Fiserv is enabled by an API module developed in close collaboration with the Bankers’ Bank. This approach reflects the pace of change in the digital payments landscape, which has made it vital for financial institutions to embrace a payments strategy that delivers agile solutions and exceptional customer experiences.

A single point of human contact is assigned to each financial institution client with AscendantFX for responsive support from a dedicated expert well versed in the nuances of dealing with Financial Institutions. All transactions are monitored through proprietary trend analytics to identify potential fraud or suspicious activities and vendor risk management is streamlined through access to a complete Due Diligence package. As a non-bank provider, AscendantFX is a trusted brand that balances product innovation with a high-touch experience for unparalleled international payments execution.

Dan Caputo, Vice President, Global Payment Solutions at AscendantFX, states, “Our success, as an organization, is built on our international payments expertise in the world of corporate and financial institutions payments. Our unwavering commitment to customer-focused solutions is a leading factor as to why thousands of corporations and financial institutions in North America trust us as their international payment provider. We are proud to partner with Fiserv to fulfill the payment needs of financial institutions in North America through the WireXchange solution.”

AscendantFX joins a cutting-edge suite of payment processing products and services offered by Fiserv to meet the demand for efficient transactions.

“In a digital world where change presents opportunity, driving innovation requires providing technology solutions that are in step with the way people live and work today,” states Bailey Nelson, Director of Operations Management at Fiserv. “Financial institutions are increasingly focused on providing a simple and secure customer experience, and improving the transparent movement of electronic money globally is another way to enhance that experience.”

Wendy Stanford, Senior Vice President Payments and Cash Management at Bankers’ Bank states, “Our specialization in correspondent banking allows us to provide a differentiated international payments experience for our customers. We have partnered with AscendantFX as we see the tremendous efficiency this integration can provide to many of the community banks we service.” 

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