Chase lets customers lock, unlock credit cards from their phone and computer

Source: JPMorgan Chase

With a new lock/unlock feature launching today, Chase is giving customers peace of mind with the power to temporarily turn off their Chase credit cards immediately, stopping them from being used when left behind or misplaced.

The lock/unlock feature will allow customers to quickly lock or unlock their credit card right from their phones through the Chase Mobile app or by computer via to instantly block new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers.

Once the card is found, customers can unlock it via the Chase Mobile app or Locking the card does not affect automatic payments, so there are no disruptions to recurring charges. If the card is not found, customers can request a new card right away.

“We are always working on ways customers can pay with confidence every time,” said Jennifer Piepszak, CEO of Chase Card Services. “Now you can protect your credit card with just a few clicks on your phone or computer.”

Chase will turn on the feature for debit cards later this year.

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