XTrend launches new 'copy trading' feature

Source: XTrend

Since its launch in March 2018, XTrend has become a popular trading platform in Europe, where with its Nano trading capabilities, traders can learn and enjoy trading with just a $5 investment.

XTrend has created an additional feature to enhance its users experience, and is happy to announce the launch of its new Social Trading Feature "Copy Trading", available for professional and novice traders, giving a significant upgrade to its trading App.

Many traders lack professional knowledge in trading as they don't have enough time to examine the market and learn how to analyze market trends from charts. "Copy Trading" was designed to handle these problems.

Using "Copy Trading", novice traders can now follow and copy orders of professional traders ("Master Trader").

Clients who fulfil certain requirements can become Master Traders and gain the ability to share their Portfolio or Strategy through the XTrend Social Trading Feature. Based on their performance, Master Traders can gain popularity with the ability to allow XTrend users to copy their orders. The more clients copy the orders of the Master Trader, the more bonus features the Master Trader will enjoy on the XTrend App.

"Copy Trading" will be officially launched at the end of September 2018.

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