Michael Spencer invests in £15 million funding round for cybersecurity outfit Glasswall

Source: Glasswall

Glasswall Solutions, a leading file regeneration technology, today announced that it has closed a strategic funding round of £15 million.

The funding is led by UK entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Spencer through IPGL, his personal investment vehicle.

The financing enables Glasswall to continue to drive innovation and accelerate development of its portfolio of Glasswall FileTrust™ products. Additionally, to meet customer demand, the company plans to scale its sales and marketing to grow its customer base across the US, Canada and Europe.

Glasswall has developed a uniquely effective, award-winning and patent-protected Deep-File Inspection, Remediation and Sanitisation Technology - d-FIRST™ - a disruptive methodology for the prevention of malware and understanding of organisational risk from file-borne cyber-attacks. It reverses the traditional signature-based security approach by validating ‘known good’ elements of a file which are finite and bounded, regenerating a new identical and safe copy, typically in fractions of a second.

It is unique as it validates a file’s functionality and structure, typically conducting thousands of checks against the software manufacturers’ file specification. Application of d-FIRST™ at the byte level sets a new global industry standard for electronic file and document integrity, security and assurance, simultaneously delivering unprecedented visibility of highly relevant data. Glasswall FileTrust™ delivers a level of risk analysis, granularity and understanding of a file that no other product offers. It provides a security administrator increased intelligence for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) policy decisions. Finally, regenerating a safe and clean file which only contains ‘known good’.

“With the vast majority of cyber-attacks launched through malicious files and documents, organisations are constantly challenged to protect themselves without hindering the productivity of their users.” said Michael Spencer. “In real time, Glasswall provides unparalleled protection from the threat of file-based attacks while ensuring no disruption to user work flow. Validated by leading government and security organisations worldwide, Glasswall is the industry-leader in file regeneration technology.”

Currently, Glasswall has customers in the UK, US and Canada, spanning multiple industries in both the private sector and government.

“We are thrilled to have the confidence of someone of Michael Spencer’s calibre,” said Greg Sim, CEO, Glasswall Solutions “With this round of fundraising complete, Glasswall is well positioned to continue to develop the world’s leading file regeneration solution while delivering the stellar support our clients deserve.”

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