S&P adds loader library to Compustat Xpressfeed

Source: Standard & Poor's

Recognizing institutional investors' need for tools to view and utilize data within their comprehensive Compustat data feed, Standard & Poor's today introduced the Compustat Xpressfeed Loader Library.

The Library enhances the user's ability to query, view, and manipulate the data within the basic Xpressfeed data feed.

The Library is available when using the Compustat Xpressfeed Loader platform and is delivered as a set of 35 database-stored procedures, functions, and views. The resources in the Library allow users to perform such queries as currency conversions and data adjustments. These tools enable easier retrieval of data for standard Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow statements.

"Our new Loader Library allows users to run queries against the datasets and to extract meaningful data without having to create a separate application interface," said Mitchel Abeyta, Managing Director, Standard & Poor's. Additionally, it saves them time and money from costly, labor-intensive programming."

The Loader Library was designed for MS-SQL servers, with plans to continue to expand the MS-SQL Library and create an offering for Oracle-based servers in 2006.

The first grouping of resources in the Library is called "Stored Procedures," a set of queries stored on the server that eliminate the need for creating lengthy programming or running individual statements to query and manipulate data. Users can customize input values such as date, currency, company population type and type of statement (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.). The second component in the Loader Library is "Database Views." This is a virtual table created by predefined queries. Additional functions allow users to simplify queries by allowing input of ticker, and the creation of specific company sets.

Compustat Xpressfeed Data Delivery includes fundamental and market data on about 54,000 global securities, providing 20 years of annual and monthly data and 12 years of quarterly data. It also contains current and historical original financial statements from EDGAR, among other features.

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