4sight Financial and Equilend interface securities finance platforms

Source: Equilend

4sight Financial Software and EquiLend have worked together to develop a seamless interface between 4sight's Securities Finance solution and EquiLend's global securities finance platform.

The integration provides added value for users of both systems through enhanced communication, thereby allowing borrowing and lending information between parties in EquiLend to be seamlessly transferred to 4sight's books and records system. The interface also supports autoborrow, contract compare, mark to market, billing compare and other key EquiLend functions. Users not only benefit from greater automation of the securities finance process and the resulting saving in time, but also a reduction in cost per transaction through the ability to carry out trades more rapidly.

A number of users of EquiLend and 4sight, including Robeco and BNP Paribas Securities Services, have been quick to take advantage of the interface between the systems and more companies are expected to follow in the coming months.

Alastair Chisholm, Managing Director of 4sight comments: "The development is in line with both 4sight's and EquiLend's shared aims of increasing efficiency for our clients by standardizing, centralizing, and automating front and back-office processes. The interface represents a considerable evolution in the functionality of two already powerful systems, and the ease with which the integration was carried out is testament to the inherent flexibility of both 4sight and EquiLend’s services."

"The flexibility of our platform allowed 4Sight Financial Software to develop for EquiLend and interface to it," says Brian P. Lamb, Chief Executive of EquiLend. "EquiLend was created in order to provide as much efficiency to the industry as possible, and working with other firms, such as 4sight, places us closer to that goal."

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