Glint prepares for US launch

Source: Glint

Glint, the fintech company on a mission to provide everyone with a reliable form of money is now set to enter into the US market with its alternative to banking by introducing a global currency account that uniquely enables gold to be used as money.

To support Glint’s exciting expansion into the USA, Glint is delighted to announce it is partnering with Sutton Bank, for Mastercard issuing, and Galileo Processing for its card and ACH processing.

Sutton Bank, the 140-year-old US community bank and a top 15 US prepaid issuer, offers progressive and innovative card and payment solutions and works with well-known fintech companies.

Galileo was founded nearly 20 years ago and has earned the trust of large financial institutions and fintech start-ups as an industry leader in technology, fraud detection offerings, security, decision-making analytics and regulatory compliance functionality.

Galileo is at the forefront of advanced technological payment solutions. Its platform will provide Glint with direct deposit and debit card transaction processing.

Key milestones reached since launch in December 2017

• Exceeded original beta target of 20,000 registered customers with a Glint card

• Customers can now hold, euros and US dollars, along with gold and sterling in multi-currency wallets, all through a single Glint account. All these currencies can be spent through the global Mastercard network using the Glint card. To mark the launch of additional currencies, Glint is offering the first 50,000 people to load £1,000 or €1,000 into their gold account (fee is 0.5%) fee free gold/FX buy and spend until the end of 2019

• Launch of Glint on Android (alongside the iOS version).

Glint was founded by Jason Cozens and Ben Davies and is backed by investors in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Canada. Key investors include NEC Capital Solutions, through its venture fund co-operated with Venture Labo Investment, and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (“TOCOM”). NEC Capital Solutions is the affiliated company of NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies. TOCOM is Japan’s largest, and one of Asia’s most prominent, commodity exchanges.

Glint is currently raising Series A funding and having reached their initial crowdfunding target of £1.25 million in just 72 hours, investors have until 3o August to become part of Glint’s future for as little as £10 and on

Ben Davies, COO & Co-Founder of Glint, said:

“We are so delighted to have partnered with Sutton Bank and Galileo Processing. It’s been an invigorating experience working with leaders in the US innovative payment sector. With their expertise we aim to provide everyone in the US the chance to use a safe and independent money, that of gold; just as we are doing in the UK and Europe.”  

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