Worldnet launches plug-and-play EMV offering

Source: Worldnet

Worldnet, a leading international provider of omni-channel payment solutions, has introduced GoChipNow, a “plug and play” solution for virtual terminal merchants who want to upgrade to EMV®.

The GoChipNow Solution makes it simple for anyone who previously purchased any magnetic stripe reader (MSR) devices to upgrade to chip-enabled EMV®. The solution provides a “plug and play” process that is as simple as unplugging the MSR device and plugging in the EMV® device. Users can then log into the Worldnet browser-based virtual terminal to start accepting EMV® payments without having to install and upgrade software or purchase expensive hardware.

“For many merchants, the biggest obstacle to moving from mag stripe payment terminals to the more secure EMV solutions has been the cost and hassle of buying and installing new hardware,” said John Clarke, Co-founder and Head of Product Innovation. “GoChipNow takes that pain away with a ‘Plug and play’ solution to easily make the shift to EMV compliance.”

The device is also backed by Quickchip technology that creates a super-fast, seamless and secure EMV® transaction in just one second. GoChipNow is an inexpensive solution that results in less fraud, lower chargeback liability and acceptance of all major card types without a need for a complex POS (point of sale) terminal solution.

Worldnet have partnered with ID TECH, a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of payment hardware to incorporate GoChipNow into ID TECH’s line of Augusta devices, including the August S (SRED) for merchants who require P2PE validated solutions.

“At ID TECH we pride ourselves in delivering the most secure, quick and cost-effective hardware solutions,” said Bill Rorick, VP of Business Development at ID TECH. “With our hardware and Worldnet’s advanced software technology, we now provide a low-cost, plug and play device to deliver a robust EMV® solution to virtual terminal merchants. It is one of the smartest and fastest Quickchip solutions on the market.”  

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