Fidelity and XSell enter co-marketing agreement

Source: Fidelity Information Services

Fidelity Information Services (Fidelity), a division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF), announced it has partnered with XSell, LLC to provide XSell's customer service marketing solution to companies using Fidelity's Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP).

XSell enables mortgage servicers and others to transform inbound customer calls into sales opportunities by providing the tools to support the creation, exchange and close of customer leads created from a customer service interaction. XSell has been tightly integrated with the MSP platform, allowing real-time assessment of opportunities and personalization of offers during a customer contact.

More than 80 financial institutions use MSP to service more than 26 million loans. Now, financial institutions have a new tool to leverage existing customer relationships and improve their cross-selling capabilities. MSP clients can use XSell to retain servicing customers as they seek refinancing, as well as offer home equity lines of credit, and a variety of internal and third-party products. XSell users have the potential to see quick increases in the number of products purchased per customer and improve their servicing economies by boosting fee income.

"We implemented XSell into Fidelity Director earlier this year and targeted home equity lines of credit and refinance opportunities," said Mike Koster, president and chief operating officer of EverHome Mortgage. "In the months following, we experienced a greater call transfer volume to our sales center, as well as a higher application rate for calls that went through the XSell system. As a result, we plan to continue adding product options to XSell."

The XSell platform assigns a Return on Presentment score for every customer and product to identify and prioritize cross-sell opportunities. When a customer interaction occurs, a personalized offer is presented that contains customer, product and offer-specific marketing messages. This information can be delivered in real time by the customer service representative, voice response unit or Web-based self service site. Once the customer has indicated interest in the product offering, the platform facilitates straight through processing to the appropriate internal or third-party product fulfillment center. This automation decreases processing time, increases close rates and reduces expenses.

"Fidelity is excited about the new partnership with XSell," said Bruce Andrews, senior vice president of Fidelity Information Services' Business Partners organization. "We now have a new product offering that enables our MSP clients to leverage existing customer relationships to enhance loan retention, cross-sell and ancillary revenues, while providing superior customer service."

"Our partnership with Fidelity enables us to offer XSell to MSP customers through an integrated and streamlined deployment approach," said Rob Lee, chief executive officer of XSell. "We are excited about the opportunity to offer MSP users value-added products that will result in improved marketing and sales methods as well as superior financial results."

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