Harland signs nine to PCS Check Pro

Source: John H. Harland Company

Continuing to show strong momentum in the area of in-house check printing, Harland Financial Solutions announced it has added nine PCS Check Pro customers.

PCS CheckPro, the company's in-house check & MICR printing solution, provides customers the ability to quickly print various types of customized checks and MICR documents on-site. Harland Financial Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of John H. Harland Company (NYSE:JH - News).

The new PCS CheckPro customers, consisting of several financial institutions and one insurance company, include American Bank & Trust, Lancaster, Wisconsin; Cleveland State Bank, Cleveland, Wisconsin; Kansas City Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, Missouri; Millennia Community Bank, Greenville, North Carolina; NBRS Financial, Rising Sun, Maryland; Northside Bank, a de novo in Adairsville, Georgia; Pony Express Community Bank, St. Joseph, Missouri; Treynor State Bank, Treynor, Iowa; and Union State Bank, Greenfield, Iowa.

Due to its flexibility, PCS CheckPro has broad appeal to start up banks like Northside Bank, as well as established institutions, including one-hundred year-old American Bank & Trust.

Beth Basil, senior vice president and general manager of Harland Financial Solutions' Intrieve(r) Core System, knows the strengths of the in-house check and MICR printing solution. ``PCS CheckPro offers customers versatility and speed in their check and MICR printing needs. The ability to create customized checks in a matter of minutes helps create a stronger customer relationship. Ultimately, PCS CheckPro is a flexible and cost-effective solution.''

Although new to using PCS CheckPro, some of these financial institutions were existing Harland Financial Solutions' customers who chose to expand their relationship with the vendor. Millennia Community Bank also uses Harland checks, the Intrieve Core System, Intrieve Item Processing, ATM/Debit processing, Internet Banker and Intrieve Voice Master. Northside Bank is a current Intrieve Item Processing customer who also uses the Phoenix(tm) System Core Banking Solution and Pro Suite(tm) for lending and account opening. Cleveland State Bank, Treynor State Bank and NBRS Financial use Harland checks. American Bank & Trust uses Harland Financial Solutions' INTERLINQ(r) Mortgageware(r), a comprehensive lending system.

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