Worldnet promises one second chip transactions with Quickchip

Source: Worldnet

Worldnet, a leading international provider of omni-channel payment solutions, has incorporated Quickchip into its ‘GoChip’ range of robust POS payment products to deliver a ‘one second’ Chip card transaction which is secure and seamless for the cardholder and delivers increased protection against fraud for the merchant.

Deployment of Quickchip technology is a key enabler for merchants to migrate from their existing MSR POS devices to low cost Chip-based solutions which deliver increased protection against fraud and deliver super-fast, secure and seamless transactions for their customers.

“Our objective here at Worldnet is to provide payments solutions that are super-fast, secure and a positive experience for the consumer at point-of-sale,” said Will Byrne, Co-founder and CEO of Worldnet. “We’re delighted to announce the integration of Quickchip technology to our POS product range in partnership with IDTech. Deployment of Quickchip minimizes transaction time for consumer, delivers increased security and reduces exposure to fraud for the merchant”

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