Flux seals paperless receipts trial with Itsu

Source: Flux

Today Flux announces the trial launch of their paperless receipts across all 72 itsu stores in the United Kingdom.

Customers paying with cards issued by Flux partner banks who have opted-in to Flux, will receive digital receipts directly into their banking apps when they now shop at itsu.

Flux is a data platform linking retailers and cardholders to create seamless digital experiences in physical stores. Flux’s digital product suite includes: paperless receipts, cashback offers and card linked loyalty which are all sold separately. Flux’s product suite for a retailer also comes with Blueberry, a dashboard, which includes aggregated and anonymised data on consumer behaviour in store such as which products are selling best in unique baskets.

Today itsu become the first UK retailer to trial only one Flux product, the paperless receipt. As the first retailer to trial solely the Flux receipts product, itsu underlines Flux’s increasingly significant coverage of bank cardholders across the UK and the positive environmental benefit to customers of receiving detailed purchase data without changing behaviour at checkout. Flux’s bank partners currently include Barclays Bank via their Launchpad app, Starling Bank and Monzo Bank (in closed pilot). Flux recently announced a trial with Costa Coffee, starting with cashback offers, and is already available across all EAT. and pod stores.

itsu, who already only print receipts on demand, estimate they still currently print 3 million per year and there is a clear environmental benefit to Flux paperless receipts. The value of a receipt to the customer however goes beyond decluttering wallets or needing the receipt for expensing. As a customer, getting an itemised digital receipt opens the window into keeping close track of exactly what we’re spending on, helping us budget better, and create opportunities to better track things such as nutritional value of a meal.

Matty Cusden-Ross, Founder and CEO of Flux, said: “With a strong focus on sustainability, we see itsu as a natural partner for being the first retailer to trial solely Flux’s paperless receipt product. We look forward to building exciting products for our mutual customers from paperless receipts, such as easy access nutritional information, and making the trial a success.”

Maria Dogin, Head of Communications at itsu said: “We are always striving to be a greener business and this is a terrific way to do this.”

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