Advanced Logic Analytics unveils market sentiment tool for global trading firms

Source: Advanced Logic Analytics

Advanced Logic Analytics Ltd (ALA), a data science-led business offering AI-driven algorithms and app solutions to the global fund markets, is pleased to announce the launch of ALASA, a market sentiment tool that helps banks, investment and trading firms make sense of human and market signals from financial data published online.

ALASA is a financial data aggregator combined with AI-driven sentiment analysis and data mining algorithms to forecast future market direction on over 150,000 instruments (stocks, forex, indices and commodities).

It uses advanced proprietary algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing to gather financial information published online from any number of professional and crowd-based sources. This data is then ordered and analysed before an appropriate positive or negative sentiment weighting is applied. The output is a highly accurate sentiment-based feed which allows the user to track market news, social media and mood data from a variety of inputs.

Traders can create opportunities by gauging investor sentiment on any given stock in real-time, offering a market edge and a boost in investment performance. Highly customisable, users can track sentiment scoring against financial instruments of their choosing. The data analysed can be tailored to capture data that is relevant to every trader’s field of expertise. Also, historical sentiment data can be exported and applied where available.

Commenting, Nick Ellis, Managing Director, Advanced Logic Analytics said: “ALASA is a powerful tool which supports traders in being more profitable by tuning into the sentiment of the entire market. Our beta testing results have delivered empirical evidence that ALASA provides early indication of unprecedented events before they impact the markets.”

“This is a very exciting time for us. Early discussions with investment firms indicate an enormous appetite for the tool.” He continued.
All sizes of investment firms can now apply ‘best in class’ scientific methods to their investment strategies simply and quickly. ALASA refines the investment process and affords new insights into how the markets will behave.

ALASA is available via desktop or API and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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