Dutch digital bank bunq introduces new payment request service

Source: bunq

Mobile only bank bunq introduced their new bunq.me service during tonight’s bunq Update #8 event.

This service grants any client of any European bank use of a personal payment link without the need to install an app. The company also became the first Dutch bank to implement OAuth and focused attention on improving the user experience.

bunq.me - get your own, personal payment link, without an app
In just a few seconds, users can now create a personal payment link on bunq.me, without having to download an app. This link lets them ask for money back easily, from friends, family and partners. Comparable services require people to create a new link for each and every payment request, whereas bunq lets everyone create a link that doesn’t expire. The service is now available to all clients of any European bank.

“Two years ago we were the first bank to implement payment requests. By now others have followed. Because we do things differently, we looked at how we could further simplify the user experience. bunq.me now gives the user a great user experience without an app. No strings attached!” founder and CEO Ali Niknam says.

OAuth - bunq spearheads PSD2 implementation once more
bunq previously took the lead in implementing the European PSD2 regulations by launching its public API. Now OAuth - or Open Authorization - is added as a security measure. This allows developers to build new applications by establishing a safe connection with the bunq app. Other parties get easy and safe access to specific data without having to exchange user names and passwords. During Update #8 bunq presented an example of such an application: MONYCA. This app categorizes payments, giving users easy insights in their spending patterns.

Mastercard rotating CVC code: choose your own safety option
The bunq Mastercard already came with a unique safety layer: a CVC code that automatically refreshes every few minutes in the app. The new update lets users decide whether the CVC code refreshes automatically or manually.

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