Singaporean startup Tranzaco to provide matchmaking service between SMEs and banks

Source: Tranzaco

Tranzaco aims to transform the way SMEs consume services by providing a matchmaking service to service providers.

We believe that technology is best used when it brings people together. Business owners can now have access to hundreds of actual service providers and have real-time interactions with them through our chat app. Together with our rating and testimonial system, business owners can find the perfect person to assist with services he/she requires.

At Tranzaco, we try to make the initial years of entrepreneurship much easier by allowing access to our wide pool of bankers/specialists. These are direct contacts who will be assisting the entrepreneur with raising capital, applying for working loans, account opening and even credit card applications. Granted that the journey is still going to be tough but with this pool of service providers to, it makes that journey more bearable. Business owners no longer will need to visit many banks and repeat the same story every time. They will also no longer be held ransom by brokers who try to match-make business owners to service providers and charge an intermediary fee.

The matching and ranking algorithm ensures that the highest rated and most efficient service providers get the attention they deserve, yet without discriminating new applicants to the system. Files and other information can be shared within the chat itself as preliminary fact finding before the case is taken offline. Regardless whether the deal is closed, both parties will be prompted to give each other a rating of their experience and thus improve the overall experience felt by both parties in the ecosystem.

Mr. Sky Tan, founder of says, "It isn't easy to start a business from scratch and we understand the resource constrains which many business owners face. It is a constant struggle to run the business and raise business loans/working capital at the same time. Engaging a broker does not necessary lessen the workload either. Therefore, was born to assist business owners with this aspect of their business, leaving them free to run and build their core business."

At, business owners would no longer be bombarded by sales calls who are just going through the motion and hoping to secure the sale. The process becomes a customer led sales cycle where business owners have a ready need which can be fulfilled by the sales people within the ecosystem. This leads to a higher standard of service for the service providers and a more efficient process for the business owners.

Mr. Dominic Phan, Co-founder of says," We understand the frustrations and the challenges faced by business owners, especially during the formative years. We've designed the portal with the SME owner in mind, to make it easier and more efficient to run their business." is an ever-evolving ecosystem as we continue to upgrade our algorithm and the features available to all participants within our ecosystem. With planned upgrades and releases over the next year, we hope to revolutionize the SME ecosystem within the region.

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