C24 IO toolkit receives SwiftReady messaging library label

Source: Century 24 Solutions

The C24 Integration Objects (C24 IO) toolkit is the first to achieve accreditation for the new SWIFTReady Messaging Library Label.

This accreditation confirms C24 as a leading specialist provider of integration technology for SWIFT messaging standards.

In today's financial technology world support for established, as well as the rapidly evolving and converging messaging standards is essential.

Modern application and service bus architectures enable the decoupling of the messaging from the business application logic functions. The SWIFT messaging implementations have become a "service" that can be called from any integration layer or any business application, and the market is more demanding of dedicated SWIFT message libraries, packaged SWIFT interface connectivity modules, and utilizing the same technology base for established and emerging standards.

The C24 IO approach to integration is to be supportive of all technology platforms, but predicated on none. C24 IO is designed based on open technology and meta-data management standards. The highly targeted and business domain specific Support Packs provide the C24 IO toolkit design time developer tools, message library implementations, semantic constraint rules, as well as software and data model support, maintenance and updates.

In order to support this new paradigm, SWIFT has launched this new label: the SWIFTReady Messaging Library Label.

The systems accredited under this label are software technology solutions dedicated to SWIFT message libraries and connectivity interfaces. These solutions run on application servers or modern Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectures, and are designed to be used by internal development teams and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) as OEM solutions.

Key accreditation criteria for the new label are:

  • To support all the SWIFT FIN message types for all existing categories as published in the SWIFT Standards Release User Handbooks.
  • To validate the syntax and the network validation rules of all message types as published in the SWIFT Standards Release User Handbooks.
  • To be able to transparently navigate FIN messages irrespective of originating format, and to transform messages from/to FIN, XML, fixed format or other instance formats.
  • To include tools to enable software providers and financial institutions to extend or specialize the message library models and the conversion and constraint rules themselves.
  • To support the message libraries for the UNIFI/ISO 20022 messages created by SWIFT for services supporting the store and forward mode using the same SWIFTReady Messaging Library certified solution.

Olivier Roucloux said, "We appreciate the enthusiasm, willingness and ability shown by C24 to quickly deliver SWIFT ready advanced technology to our clients," said Olivier Roucloux, Industry Analyst at SWIFT. "We are very pleased to award the SWIFTReady Messaging library label 2006 to C24's IO technology and look forward to exploring new opportunities together with all independent software providers that C24 will enable."

Wayne Meikle, Managing Director, C24 said, "We are very pleased that SWIFT have created this new label in recognition of the unique position for specialist meta-data management products. The fact that the C24 Integration Objects product is the first to be awarded this label ratifies the benefits already achieved by many major SWIFT users and Independent Software Vendors using the C24 IO technology."

The C24 IO SWIFT FIN and UNIFI Support Packs are created and maintained by C24 so users of C24 IO can focus on the business logic of integration projects, and spend less development time and money on the complex task of creating and maintaining industry standard data models, constraint rules and parsers.

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