Risk Focus launches DevOps engagement model

Source: Risk Focus

Risk Focus Inc., a leading provider of DevOps Solutions for Financial Services companies, is announcing today the formal launch of its unique new offering, ‘The Player-Coach’.

This service is a radical departure from the bureaucratic Cloud adoption programs that are common in large enterprises. It combines the planning and delivery principles of Agile with the automation opportunities of Cloud, giving flexibility in approach and adapting to learning, but still respecting the corporate gating and controls.

The Player-Coach is a one-of-a-kind service which empowers the client through active coaching and a close working relationship. This service combines an initial 1-2-week discovery phase that helps clients identify projects within their immediate needs that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively. This is followed by a 4-week iteration of implementation and deliverables. The outcome for the engagement is that within just six weeks the client has a working deliverable, a backlog of projects and tasks that can be addressed in the future, and a plan for completing them. The Risk Focus team can then perform structured iterations to complete this backlog. Current offerings are focused on areas listed below, and new ones are on the way:

• CI/CD: building pipelines and repos, automated testing, gating and release management
• Containerization and Container Orchestration: building containers, moving legacy apps into containers, building and scaling clusters
• Cloud First Steps: defining an actionable vision, educating stakeholders, building a Minimum Viable Prototype
• Public Cloud: infrastructure automation, application migration, cost management
• Hybrid Cloud: common tooling, single pane of glass, support for multiple clouds

Vassil Avramov, CEO of Risk Focus, said: “We are excited about the success and client uptake of our initial offerings. Our team of specialists work alongside the client’s teams, seeing a project through from inception to delivery. Many firms need and want to use the Cloud more effectively, but don’t know where to start. This methodology helps them to get results very quickly and puts them on a sustainable path.”

Peter Meulbroek, Global Head of DevOps Solutions, added: “The key advantages of this engagement model are the quick results, the efficient and transparent process, and low cost. It gives firms the opportunity for their teams to fully participate in the development process and sets them up to take ownership of the deliverable going forward.”

Risk Focus works with its clients throughout the process, from defining and specifying the deliverables through identifying the technology and process challenges, to implementing the solutions and ensuring that the client’s team is ready to make use of the deliverables.

Risk Focus has extensive expertise in helping firms with everything DevOps and Cloud, from tooling and technology to delivery and software. Their practitioners are engaged for their knowledge and ability to reduce risk and speed up the delivery process at large enterprises

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