Sberbank becomes member of Russian Association of Robotics

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank has become a member of the Russian Association of Robotics (RAR). The statement was approved yesterday by Sberbank’s Executive Board, in accordance with the bank’s Charter.

Members of the association are the largest international producers of robot technology, Russian integrators of industrial robots and developers of service robots. The RAR membership fee for commercial organisations with an annual turnover of more than RUB 150 mln amounts to RUB 150,000 per annum.

Membership in the association is aimed at facilitating contacts between Sberbank and the international robotics community and providing to the bank possibility to participate in the development of the Russian state robotics policy, and helps to promote technology and solutions developed by Sberbank using the association’s tools. RAR membership will allow the bank to participate in its projects and its Russian and international events, as well provide the access to the specialised analytical material about the market, which is prepared by other members of the association.

In addition, the RAR and Sberbank’s Robotics Laboratory concluded a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by the Head of Sberbank’s Robotics Laboratory Albert Efimov and CEO of the association Vitaly Nedelsky. The parties agreed on a wide range of matters related to the development of the robotics market in Russia.

Sberbank’s Robotics Laboratory and the RAR intend to jointly prepare research and publications on Russian and global robotics, analyse the state of the Russian and global robotics market, organise and hold exhibitions, conferences, roundtables and other events, as well as assist the organisation of accelerator programmes for robotics companies. The agreement also provides for informational and promotional support of the interaction and exchange of open information on the market.

The Russian Association of Robotics is an industrial union that connects 90% of players of the industrial robotics market, including Russian and foreign producers and integrators, as well as producers of service robot technology, research and educational institutions, developers of subsystems and software for robots. The mission of the RAR is to develop the robotics market in Russia and improve cooperation between market participants and governmental bodies. The RAR takes part in the development of targeted state programmes on market development.

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