TAS Group aids Endeavour Mutual Bank with switch to new .bank domain

Source: TAS Group

TAS, a leading technology provider to the Australian financial services industry, has teamed up with Endeavour Mutual Bank to activate its game-changing ‘.bank’ URL, setting a new benchmark in cyber security for the banking sector.

Endeavour Mutual Bank has taken the lead to be one of the first Australian-headquartered institutions to adopt a domain of this kind, highlighting its commitment to operating in a trusted environment.

The implementation of the ‘.bank’ domain suffix, which significantly bolsters customer security and privacy, formed part of Endeavour Mutual Bank’s broader rebrand from Select Encompass Credit Union.

Under the project, TAS delivered the high-quality IT infrastructure solutions needed to make the bank’s switch to the new domain, (www.endeavour.bank), a reality.
The ‘.bank’ domain suffix is operated by fTLD (https://www.ftld.com/) and requires a higher level of security than traditional ‘.com’ banking domain suffixes, therefore giving customers enhanced confidence when they bank online.

The six-month collaborative project between Endeavour Mutual Bank, TAS and banking technology provider, Ultradata, has been a huge success.

Commenting on the initiative, Shane Baker, TAS Chief Executive Offer, said this industry-first was a move in the right direction for Australia’s banking industry.
“Australian banks and financial institutions remain at high risk of cyber-attacks, so it is encouraging to see forward-thinking activities such as this being implemented to add an extra layer of protection from online criminals and syndicates,” he said.

“Endeavour shares our commitment to providing ground-breaking security solutions that give customers peace of mind for their everyday banking needs. We are delighted to have been involved with the delivery of Endeavour Mutual Bank’s new URL domain.”
Endeavour Chief Executive Officer, Mark Worthington, says becoming an early adopter of the dot-bank system ensures the company remains at the forefront of cyber-crime prevention.

“As a mutual bank, providing data security for our customers remains our top priority and the transition to a dot-bank website reflects that commitment. The team at Endeavour would like to extend a big thank you to TAS for making the launch a huge success,” he said.

The transition to the new domain will further bolster the bank’s ability to protect the security of community members using the website in anticipation of mitigating exposure to cyber threats for websites and email caused by spoofing, phishing and other malicious email borne activities.

It will also provide strong encryption to ensure confidentiality and integrity over the internet.

TAS expects other Australian banks and insurance organisations to follow Endeavour Mutual Bank’s lead, making the ‘.bank’ URL the new standard.

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