RBS India sets up disability inclusion forum

Source: RBS

RBS India, the innovation & operation hub of The Royal Bank of Scotland, has set up an industry forum titled ‘Disability Smart’, to mainstream the disability inclusion agenda in organizations.

The forum came together to discuss how organizations and persons with disabilities, can work together to create an environment, that engages, enables and empowers persons with disabilities, and establish a truly inclusive culture in companies.

Pankaj Phatarphod, Managing Director & Country Head of Services, RBS India said, “For us at RBS, inclusion is about ensuring everyone can bring the best of themselves to work every day, celebrate differences and find ways to turn them to our advantage. Over the last few years RBS has supported the development of disability friendly products and services and contributed to the development of disability and inclusion learning. This forum provides a unique platform to discuss how more organizations can become disability smart.”

Anuranjita Kumar, Managing Director, Human Resources, International Hubs, ‎Royal Bank of Scotland further added, “Globally, more than a billion people live with a disability and the number is growing each passing day. Data indicates that their potential to contribute effectively at work is often impacted, not by their disability, but by the impediments around them. Being Disability Smart means supporting our colleagues with disabilities with workplace adjustments, so they can do their job to the best of their abilities.”

Andrea daCosta, Director, Programme Management, RBS India and Lead, Diversity & Inclusion - Disability Smart workstream, shared “Disability awareness begins by understanding the human element and market reasons, and it’s critical to thereafter proceed along the inclusion continuum. This progression requires more in-depth knowledge, creative solutions and a change in mindset. This is where leveraging collaboration plays a vital role to deliver tangible outcomes”.

The forum’s participant profile, comprising leaders from GIC’s (Global In-house Captive), experts from the field and persons with disabilities, discussed how organizations can drive accessibility, employability and development of persons with disability, to establish a truly inclusive and enriched environment.

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