Dutch blockchain startup Blockport bids to make crypto-trading accessible to the public at large

Source: Blockport

Blockport, an Amsterdam-based blockchain startup with big ambitions, launched a platform for public users today.

Blockport’s ‘social exchange’ can be used by beginners and advanced crypto-traders to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. The all-in-one Blockport platform provides users access to multiple global crypto-exchanges.

Open beta is live
Starting today, users can start trading with Blockport in the open beta phase which is expected to run for a period of three months. To ensure stability and security, users will gain access to a limited set of functionalities during this phase. In the next quarter, batches of new users as well as new functionalities and cryptocurrencies will be added to the platform. As of today, users can trade in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple. These cryptocurrencies can be purchased with euros via iDEAL, SOFORT and SEPA transactions.

Blockport eliminates obstacles to mainstream cryptocurrency use
A recent research by ING shows that while cryptocurrencies are still seen as risky, the forecasts anticipate increased adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies for online payments.

“Complicated trading platforms, crypto-wallet security, and a lack of hands-on information are important reasons why many people don’t start trading in cryptocurrencies. It’s a missed opportunity,” says Sebastiaan Lichter, founder and Chief of Products at Blockport. “That’s why we started Blockport. We envisioned platform that eliminates these obstacles and our mission is to positively impact the slow adoption rate that we have seen across the industry so far.”

Blockport’s main features include:
- User-friendly design for mainstream users - user interfaces for most established crypto exchange platforms are primarily designed for professional traders and tech-savvy users. Blockport has tailored the design of the platform to the preferences and needs of mainstream users. By providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Blockport wants to onboard the average or novice crypto-investor with the fast-growing crypto-economy.
- Secure access to cryptocurrencies - Blockport users always have access to their own private keys. As a result, they can manage their cryptocurrencies without any centralised dependence. This stands in sharp contrast to storing cryptocurrency at existing exchanges such as Coinbase, where the exchange owns the private keys. A centralised key manager makes cryptocurrency trading unnecessarily susceptible to hacking and fraud.
- Sharing knowledge in the most logical place - At Blockport, we focus on sharing knowledge. Users currently rely on forums, exchange rate websites, and WhatsApp groups to find information or exchange experiences. Blockport’s knowledge bank and interactive forum will provide practical and educational information to the user in the most logical place: the trading platform itself.
- Social trading: follow and mimic experienced traders - to help entry-level crypto-traders find their feet, Blockport provides the option to follow more experienced traders and automatically mimic their trading activities. To use that option, users pay Blockport tokens (token symbol BPT, available on KuCoin exchange) to the traders they follow. In turn, the advanced traders can use these tokens to purchase discounts and other benefits.

“The internet provides universal, decentralised access to knowledge and information. We are convinced that the society we live in is ready to take care of our money and other material possessions in the same distributed way. Blockchain makes it possible to turn those concepts into reality.”

“We launched Blockport based on a vision that everyone should be able to join the new digital economy that has developed along with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Participation should be secure and transparent. Including as many users as possible is our top priority. By launching our platform, we are trying to build a bridge between the traditional financial system and the new economy of cryptocurrencies,” says Kai Bennink, founder and Chief of Strategy at Blockport.

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