Fico offers free cybersecurity ratings to businesses worldwide

Source: Fico

Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO today announced that FICO Enterprise Security Score Portrait is available, free of charge, to all organisations worldwide.

This offer demonstrates a commitment to advancing cybersecurity awareness and effectiveness around the globe.

With this complimentary subscription, organisations can learn how business partners and cyber insurance underwriters see their network security. In addition, Chief Risk Officers can now quantify the risk stemming from lax network maintenance and user behaviours that increase the likelihood of suffering a large-scale data breach.

“There’s a lot of buzz about cybersecurity ratings, but most businesses don’t understand how they work or know how they rank,” said Doug Clare, vice president of cybersecurity solutions at FICO. “Now any company can vet the accuracy of their score before they’re unknowingly assessed by other organisations in their supply chain. As insurers begin using these scores in pricing cybersecurity insurance and as organisations start using ratings to vet supply chain and partner risk, businesses will need to vet the details used to assess their security posture — just as consumers check their FICO Score before applying for loans.”

The free subscription enables organisations to curate the assets upon which their score is based, tagging the correct assets and removing assets that are not connected to their network. This provides transparency, enables fair assessment, and improves accuracy in the security scoring process.

“Organisations need to trust that their score is based on accurate data,” Clare said. “With this free program, FICO is the first ratings provider to bring total transparency and self-service asset curation to the process of cybersecurity risk assessment.”
The FICO® Enterprise Security Score is based on billions of cyber risk indicators that are monitored at Internet scale. It relies on machine learning to interpret the network hygiene practices of thousands of previously breached organisations and form predictors that amplify the behaviors and signals proven to increase the risk of data loss. The FICO Enterprise Security Score is part of the FICO® Enterprise Risk Suite.

Organisations subscribing to FICO® Enterprise Security Score Portrait can view their own three-digit score, on a scale of 300 - 850, and use it to understand and track their own performance. The score can also be shared with business partners as an easy-to-understand surrogate for a more in-depth exchange of security posture details.
FICO was part of a consortium of industry leaders that worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to develop new guiding principles for cybersecurity ratings.

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