Newchip closes $2m seed funding round

Source: Newchip

Newchip is announcing today that its marketplace has exceeded 50,000 individual users, and the company has closed its $2 million seed funding round. Newchip welcomes institutional investments from fintech specialists JadeValue Fintech, Yeoman’s Capital, Spunik ATX, Youbi Capital, and Polymath.

Ryan Rafols, founder and CEO Newchip, stated, “We’re very excited about the funding partnerships we’ve accomplished and the value those investors bring to the company. We started Newchip with a dream to open up access to investments for both entrepreneurs and investors and now, with the closing of our seed funding round, we can achieve what we set out to do.”

“Newchip brings access and transparency to the world of startup investing for the everyday investor. By leveraging state of the art technology to aggregate and sort out the best deals, Newchip removes the traditional hurdles of startup investing and provides an unmatched user experience where the next ‘big deal’ is just a swipe away,” said Johan Uddman, General Manager of JadeValue Fintech.

Newchip is an investment marketplace for new and experienced investors to discover hundreds of opportunities and invest in them for as little as $100. By aggregating opportunities into a single platform, it’s now easier for everyday Americans to build a diverse portfolio and find ventures they can support and back in exchange for a return on investment.

According to Judd Hollas, co-founder and CFO of Newchip, “We are proud to have achieved a base of 50,000 investors in our marketplace and we look forward to continuing our rapid growth as the industry and Newchip expand. By closing our seed funding round of $2 million, Newchip is well positioned to maintain its growth rates and market leadership.”

“Newchip is bringing massive value to the industry and we love the team as they are helping democratize investing in high-growth startups. There are hundreds of fragmented crowd-investing platforms and aggregating them into a single marketplace is a revolutionary idea,” mentions Joe Merrill, Partner at Sputnik ATX.

Newchip recently made the top 100 list for finance in the Apple app store, is currently ranked #1 for startup investing, and is in the top 10 for fundraising and stock market investing. Newchip also opened up its marketplace to blockchain and securitized tokens and is continually adding new sectors, categories, and hundreds of investment opportunities each month. 

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