France gets blockchain accelerator

Source: Chain Accelerator

Chain Accelerator, the first European accelerator dedicated to accompanying blockchain startups, opens its doors at Paris’s StationF today.

The accelerator backs international projects through a bespoke network of experts and entrepreneurs.

"At a time when the President and the Government want to make Paris the capital of the ICOs, Chain Accelerator is positioning itself as a key player. By setting up a global and operational network in Paris, it brings together the best talent, extends the circle of contributors, and prepares for disruptions to help blockchain projects develop protocols in all sectors." -Nicolas Cantu, Co-founder of Chain Accelerator

Chain Accelerator has assembled a network of 30 highly regarded international mentors who will bring their expertise to its startups:
● Bibop G.Gresta : Chairman & Co-Founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies I
● Leonard Schrank: Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Former CEO, SWIFT
● Pascal Gauthier: President, Ledger
● Pamir Gelenbe: Managing Partner, Libertus Capital
● Gilles Delfassy: Former President & CEO, ST-Ericsson
● Sophie Guibaud: Managing Director Europe, Fidor Group
● Anne Lange: Board Director, Orange, Econocom & Pernod Ricard
● Philipp Pieper: Co-Founder & CEO, Swarm Fund
● Amos Meiri: Co-Founder & CEO, Colu
● Net Jacobsson: Co-Founder & Partner, SparkChain Capital
● Guillaume Lebleu: Director & Blockchain Lead, First Data Corporation
● Iri Zohar: Serial Entrepreneur, Adtech & IoT
● Jonathan Benassaya: Founder & CEO, IronChain Capital & Co-Founder, Deezer
● Mahieu Nouzareth: Co-Founder & CEO, FreshPlanet
● Magali Cotte-McIntyre: European Head of Blockchain, Egon Zehnder
● Nadia Filali: Director of Blockchain Programs, Caisse des Dépôts
● Michael I. Waitze: Founder,
● Lou Kerner: Co-Founder & Partner,
● Stephane Panyasiri: Investor & ICO advisor
● Edgar Auslander: Head of Technology Partnerships AR/VR,Facebook
● Ouriel Ohayon: Co-Founder, Codename Django
● Cedric Sellin: Investor & Entrepreneur
● Aurelien Menant : CEO Gatecoin
● Sompolinsky: CEO, DAGlabs
● Diana Biggs: Head of Digital Innovation, HSBC
● Jacky Abitbol: Partner, Cathay Innovation
● Eran Benichou: CFO & CIB Asia-Pacific, Natixis
● Grégory Boutté: Chief Client and Digital Officer,Kering
● Jerome Marty: Country Manager - France, Waze
● Yonatan Sompolinsky: CEO, DAGlabs

Chain Accelerator offers its incubated startups a wide range of services, including technical prototyping, business development, recruitment, marketing and public relations, funding guidance, ICO support, "token economy" advisory, and more.
This 360 offering is made possible thanks to Chain Accelerator’s network of elite partners including several freelancers and a dozen large companies and specialized firms like Havas Blockhain, PwC or ATKearney.

"In France, as everywhere in the world, blockchain projects face many uncertainties and complexities, whether financial, legal, or technical. Yet, this technology will revolutionize our daily lives. As such, it is essential today to have both a legislative framework enabling its full development and structures enabling the emergence of such projects. Our country must become a leader in blockchain. I am convinced that Chain Accelerator - the first blockchain incubator - will contribute greatly to this." -Pierre Person, Member of National Assembly for Paris reporting on decentralized digital currencies.

Chain Accelerator already has 13 startups benefiting from its six-month incubation program:
● Talao Solution to build and organize communities of independent experts
● Gatecoin: Cryptocurrency exchange platform offering services to ICO projects
● Gimli: Decentralized and community-based platform for esport streamers and viewers.
● POI Decentralized ecosystem dedicated to impact economy and revitalization of territories
● BC Diploma: Certification of diplomas accessible in one click
● Daneel: Smart assistant for the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
● Tribute : Skills reward platform
● Collective Fashion: Traceability of the textile supply chain
● Caregame: Platform for downloading mobile games that is inclusive, transparent, and responsible
● Infinite Cash Management: Debt securities blockchain fintech dedicated to B2B and B2C cryptomarkets.
● Blockchain Mali: Construction management platform in Africa
● Talent corner: Community platform for predictive bartering of digital intelligence talent
● Skillz: Platform for creating local communities and currencies

"The blockchain universe, inherently decentralized, stands out for its global and international nature. Innovation comes from everywhere, talents are rare, the need for support is exacerbated. We are pleased to welcome Chain Accelerator to Station F to better meet the specific needs of blockchain startups by offering Station F’s rich ecosystem and Chain Accelerator’s blockchain expertise.” -Roxanne Varza, Director of Station F

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