Langley Federal Credit Union moves to Symitar Episys core processing platform

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its Symitar® division today announced the successful conversion of Langley Federal Credit Union to the Episys® core processing platform.

The $2.6 billion-asset credit union based in Newport News, Va. has been growing in a way that demanded greater automation and added flexibility from its core partner. Langley Federal Credit Union searched for a system that could better integrate with advanced and emerging technology. The credit union chose Symitar primarily because of its strong reputation and its proven, seamless integration capabilities between Episys and a vast selection of third-party vendors. Another major draw for Langley Federal Credit Union was the opportunity to adapt and configure Episys to its own needs via PowerOn®, which uses open, common programming protocols within the solution for maximum flexibility. All changes are made within the protection of the core system, but are independent of the core code.

Deb Vollmer, SVP/CXO at Langley Federal Credit Union, explained, “We wanted a core that could carry us through the next decade and trust we would remain ahead of industry tech advances. Symitar offers us that assurance with Episys.”

Langley Federal Credit Union declared its conversion a success within a week’s time. Vollmer says that the ease with which employees have adapted to the system confirms that the credit union made the right choice in Symitar. The credit union’s team really focused on ensuring member service was not disrupted. In fact, Langley Federal Credit Union created a new team of business analysts to lead the conversion – a team that now continues to work with various business units to maximize their use of Episys and its performance.

Vollmer adds, “Entering into a conversion is a true time commitment; it takes the full workforce and engagement of every employee. Symitar was there every step of the way, its team having such a deep knowledge of the core we were converting from that we were guided through the entire process.”

The credit union is also implementing complementary solutions from Symitar that will simplify operations and streamline data usage, management, and reporting including jhaEnterprise Workflow™ to automate multi-step processes and Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions™ for business intelligence and analytics.

Ted Bilke, president of Symitar, said, “Langley Federal Credit Union was quick to get its entire team excited about a core change, and to get them involved in making the conversion successful. Now post-conversion, we are thrilled that excitement remains high as the credit union continues to uncover the power of Episys.” 

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