Trading platform Ticker Tocker rolls out pilot programme

Source: Ticker Tocker

Ticker Tocker, a new integrated trading productivity platform to support both leader and novice traders to quickly find, test, learn, share, and/or execute trades, announced its exclusive pilot program launch today.

The innovative platform is the brainchild of industry veterans, Stephen Kalayjian and Joseph Murphy, who collectively have spent more than a decade to develop and fine-tune an offering unlike anything available to non-institutional traders in the market. Ticker Tocker was primarily created to support the growth in profitability for investors and leaders. Welcome to the future of trading.

With Ticker Tocker, users can practice any style of trading on nearly any type of asset. The platform currently supports Futures, FOREX, and Equities. Trading styles can range from intraday, scalp, and swing, to even automated trading algorithms. Unlike other platforms, Ticker Tocker is designed to tackle the inefficiencies in today’s trading markets by offering greater transparency requiring all leaders to have verified profiles with all performance and trades verified through the platform. The platform is broker agnostic, supporting numerous global brokers including CQG, Interactive Brokers, E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, and Scottrade, among others.

With four distinct pillars, Charting, Drag & Drop, Leaders and Education, Ticker Tocker is designed to guide its users to be on the right side of the market and it is built with patented trading technology that allows its users to move faster than anyone else.

“Overall, volume is down for brokers across the board and Ticker Tocker grants traders the confidence to trade more by arming them with sophisticated, institutional-level tools, which are designed to be user-friendly so even a novice trader can use them,” said Stephen Kalayjian, Co-Founder and Chief Market Strategist at Ticker Tocker. “Our platform provides a transparent, all-in-one solution for leaders to sell products and grants investors the chance to subscribe to a variety of verified trades and educational tools.”

Ticker Tocker partnered with Eff Creative Group in 2016 to work together on the strategy, design, development and marketing of the platform. The two companies joined forces to formulate an integrated product which is slated to go live this September.

“It’s been amazing working alongside this brilliant team,” said Doron J. Fetman, CEO and Founder of Eff Creative Group. “After seeing the power of Ticker Tocker’s back-end technology, our team jumped at the opportunity to partner with innovative pioneers in the fintech industry.”

Due to the huge level of early interest, Ticker Tocker is initially starting its pilot program to grant exclusive early access by invitation only this July. Those that are selected will pay an initial discounted fee of $50 to gain access. Upon the official launch, subscribers to the platform will be offered a free trial and then monthly subscription fees will be $400 for leader status and $160 for general investor status. 

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