Fabrick launches to create Open Banking ecosystem

Source: Fabrick

Within the framework of Money 20/20, Europe’s premier event dedicated to Fintech innovators and visionaries, Fabrick is born, the collaborative evolution of Open Banking, conceptualised to help design the future of the sector, leveraging on the new paradigms forged by technological innovation.

The results of a recent qualitative focus group (led by Deloitte, comprised of leading companies operating in the EMEA banking sector, and presented at Money20/20) clearly show how the PSD2 Directive represents a clear driving force for the collaborative approach between banking institutions and third parties. About 90% of respondents have a clear awareness of the fact that Open Banking can be a positive factor in the development of their business model.

An equally important finding is the expressed interest in possible collaborations with third parties (reported by 88% of respondents), with a view to widening their perspective and to development opportunities. Fabrick answers these new needs.

The financial sector was among the first to be impacted by profound technological changes that are increasingly driving a structural evolution. Fabrick creates and makes available - to banking and financial services operators, Fintechs and the companies that support them - an ecosystem, with an international perspective of skills, technologies and services to manage the change and to generate new growth opportunities.

Paolo Zaccardi, CEO of Fabrick, commented: "It is clear that digital technologies have redefined the roles and the boundaries of the financial services industry. Today, to manage the complexity and the speed of transformation, and to take advantage of it rather than being negatively impacted by it, requires a profound cultural change; an open place for the cross-pollination of ideas that gives banks and financial institutions the opportunity to find new inspirations and tools on which to build innovative competitive models, thus favouring the evolution of the entire sector for the benefit of all".

At the heart of Fabrick are two central elements:
The Technological Platform: Fabrick Platform is the Open Banking platform, developed on the back of the know-how and impressive track record of innovation of the Sella Group, which aggregates, integrates and coordinates a growing number of APIs and services developed by the ecosystem members, allowing customers and partners to access the highest level of innovation available on the market.

Ecosystem: Fabrick aims to aggregate around itself and the Open Banking platform all the players who operate in the industry, guaranteeing customers access to an environment in which it is possible to achieve, in a concrete manner, the integration between different systems and services to define new strategies and business models.
Fabrick is not only a technological and business development environment but, thanks to the heterogeneity of those operating in the ecosystem, it is an opportunity for networking and for cultural sharing between banks and Fintech.

On these two central elements, Fabrick has built a comprehensive offering of solutions ranging from those designed to offer banks simple access to full compliance with PSD2, to the most sophisticated and complete online payment management systems, from electronic invoicing and supply chain financing to support solutions for online equity crowdfunding operations, as well as a complete suite of white-label capabilities to build innovative, mobile-only and digital banking services.

Alongside APIs and technological solutions, Fabrick also provides comprehensive consulting services for specific areas of innovation management, customer experience design and business intelligence.

By the end of 2018 Fabrick will rank as a Fintech company with over 250 people and an estimated turnover of more than €30 million, and will include a group of innovative companies with great growth potential such as: Hype, Axerve, Vipera, Kubique and Codd & Date. A company with a new mould and mission, with entrepreneur-managers, open to capital and to forging strategic partnerships with the most innovative banking operators and Fintechs. Today, Fabrick is already operating with about 50 new companies, encompassing both Fintechs and corporations that operate internationally.

Entities that are part of Fabrick include:
• Hype the new way to manage money. Hype is designed to be an everyday bank app that offers a new way to manage all banking transactions.
• Axerve is the payment acceptance hub which allows merchants and companies to receive money in a clear, simple and secure way, and in a multichannel approach.
• Vipera is a company at the forefront of omni-channel financial services and digital customer engagement solutions. It operates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
• Kubique is a Fintech company that creates platforms and software solutions for the financial management of the supply chain.
• Dpixel is an innovative company and a startup accelerator that designs and implements innovation initiatives for companies.
• Codd & Date supports its customers on business intelligence and the use of the best technologies to support their business model.
• Innoblu is a consulting company in the field of innovation management, customer experience and design.

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