Santander uses Zytronic touche sensors in new Chile branches

Source: Zytronic

Today Zytronic announced that its durable, high performance Multitouch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT™) touch sensors have been key to the transformation of Santander WorkCafé branches by the South American Customer Experience Specialist Company PX Group.

The Santander WorkCafé, a one of a kind type of bank branch in Chile, turns a common branch into a community space: half bank and half café. It has now been implemented in 20 Santander branches, and is going forward to introduce 20 brand new offices by the end of 2018. Zytronic touch sensors are integrated into the sign-in kiosk and video wall that is a central feature of each Santander WorkCafé.

The General Director for the Commercial & Retail Banking Division, Matías Sánchez, stated, “WorkCafé Santander transforms the way we connect with customers, non-clients and the community. It is a reflection of the changes that we are seeing in our relationship with customers and what they expect from their banks. WorkCafé is targeting and encouraging a younger generation of clients, especially entrepreneurs to come and meet us as well as to interact with us online.”

Santander commissioned PX Group, the leaders in customer experience technology and biometrics in Latin America, to create WorkCafé’s technological customer journey. Anneliese Schemke, Sales and Innovation Manager for PX Group, said, “With more than 15 years of retail design and innovation experience, we saw WorkCafé as a perfect challenge to transform the bank branch. Touch technology was very important to our concept and we partnered with Zytronic to deliver the tablet-like touch experience that customers expect.”

Customers and non-clients sign in using a PX Group D-One kiosk designed to welcome visitors to WorkCafé Santander rather than exposing a tedious barrier of admission. Customers interact with it using a 21” Zytronic multi-touch projective capacitive touch sensor. PX Group uses its Multimodal Biometric Access Profiler (MBAP) to control sign-ins. MBAP is an authentication system that eliminates passwords or secret questions and replaces it with more secure, seamless and convenient biometric data.

An interactive video wall is a fundamental feature of each WorkCafé. The wall consists of four 55” screens presenting information including news, economic statistics, promotional material for Santander and other details. One of these displays features a 55” diagonal Zytronic touch sensor, operating through a protective toughened glass panel.

Anneliese Schemke said, “We now have vast experience of working with Zytronic and already know that their touch sensors are super reliable, and the responsive experience is great even in non-ideal conditions such as when customers are wearing gloves or if their hands are swollen in hot weather. They are a valued partner, and their ability to manufacture in small volumes to support us as we rollout concepts like WorkCafé Santander has been crucial to our success here.”

WorkCafé Santander offices provide co-working spaces, a cafeteria and bank services, where clients and non-customers get free Wi-Fi, discounts in a high-end cafeteria, work tables, meeting rooms, state-of-the-art self-service technology, as well as the opportunity to discuss financial management with specialist relationship managers. Customers can self-manage interactions if they prefer, in a self-service zone offering quick and easy access to ATMs and deposit terminals.

Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director at Zytronic concluded, “Retailers and banks are continually innovating to make their premises attractive, especially to younger customers who are very comfortable with interacting online. We congratulate Santander and PX Group on their innovative and successful WorkCafé concept. It shows how touch technology is crucial in supporting innovation and allowing customer experience specialists to think outside the box.” 

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