ABN Amro licenses Backshop loan origination software

Source: Backshop

Backshop, Inc., the leading provider of loan origination software for commercial real estate lending announced that ABN AMRO has selected its enterprise solution, cUnderwriter, to manage its European CRE loan production.

Backshop enables lenders to integrate all of their CRE lending into a single, secure web-based platform by providing robust pipeline management, lease-by-lease underwriting, securitization asset summaries and data tapes, and on-line document management.

"ABN AMRO selected Backshop as its origination and securitization system because it is a robust database that handles the pipeline, underwriting, and securitization process, all in one application that can be accessed with a web browser from any computer, anywhere. Major US lenders have spent years perfecting the system and, with relatively few changes, we were able to adapt it for our European CMBS business," said Doug Tiesi, Group Head of Structured Real Estate Capital.

Jim Flaherty, President and CEO of Backshop said: "We are thrilled with the ABN AMRO business as it represents our first European issuer client. Backshop now provides European CMBS players fast and affordable access to a sophisticated securitization application that was perfected in the US CMBS market and is now adapted to the growing European CMBS market."

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